Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Rally in Solidarity with Venezuela

Wed. March 5, 5pm
24th and Mission Sts., San Francisco
Joint Outdoor Rally:
* Vigil/Celebration of Comandante Hugo Chávez's revolutionary legacy
* Celebration of the Return to Cuba of Fernando González of the Cuban Five

Cuba and Venezuela are bound together in a sister/brotherhood which has inspired a new Latin American unity and growing independence from U.S. imperialism.
Today, Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution is under renewed attack by U.S.-financed fascist forces trying to destabilize the government. It is critical to come support Venezuela's revolution, especially on March 5, the first anniversary of Comandante Chávez's death.
Cuban Hero Fernando González has finally been freed from U.S. prison after serving an unjust 15 year, 5 month, 15 day imprisonment, simply because he was defending Cuba from U.S. terrorist attack. Three of the Five are still in U.S. prison and we continue to fight for their freedom.

Co-sponsors: AIM-West, ANSWER Coalition, BALASC, Bolivarian Circle of No. Calif., FMLN-No. Calif., FSLN-No. Calif., Committee for Political Education, Haiti Action Committee, Marcha Patriótica Colombia-Calif., National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, NICCA, Party for Socialism and Liberation, SOAW-San Francisco, Task Force on the Americas, Workers World Party.

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