Monday, February 17, 2014

Hands Off Venezuela! Show Solidarity, Feb. 17th, in San Francisco!

Bay Area organizations, including ANSWER SF, are calling an Emergency Demonstration in Solidarity with Venezuela, Monday, Feb. 17 at 12 noon, at 24th St and Mission St, SF, to protest the right-wing violent attacks in Venezuela against peaceful demonstrators and to express solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela. Read an article from the Council on Hemispheric Affairs with more details [].
Last year, after Hugo Chávez's illness became terminal, U.S.-backed and financed opposition groups escalated their anti-government actions. Immediately after Nicolás Maduro's election as President in April 2013, fascist groups killed several pro-government activists.
On Feb. 12, 2014, during peaceful marches to commemorate the 200th anniversary of La Victoria of the Independence war, armed gunmen fired into crowds, killing three. Dozens were wounded. This attacks are very similar to what took place before the failed right-wing coup of April 2002, when Hugo Chávez was overthrown for 48 hours.
The opposition groups are becoming openly confrontational with pro-government forces. Right-wing Voluntud Popular Party leader Leopoldo López, when asked when the attacks would end, stated, "when we get rid of those who govern us."
The U.S. media is greatly distorting the truth. The first news claimed that pro-government forces fired the shots. That is a deliberate lie. The shooters and gangs were opposition forces. Watch this video (in Spanish only) of a comrade of Juancho Montoya, who was murdered while peacefully marching. Video of friend who saw Juancho Montoya murdered by fascists:
Spread the word! Bring your friends, placards and solidarity!
The protest is sponsored by ANSWER Coalition, Bay Area Latin America Solidarity Coalition, Committee for Political Education, FMLN-North California, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, Party for Socialism and Liberation, School of the Americas Watch, Task Force on the Americas, Workers World Party.

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